Anjelica Houston photographed by Richard Avedon, 1976.

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Queen Tina Belcher, first of her name.

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Preen Spring 2012

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Chloé Sevigny

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Everything kind of hit me all at once today. Not in a good way. Thankfully I have quite the amazing set of friends to help distract me from it and are helping me cope, whether it’s bringing me pizza and fresh fruit when my family has no groceries, or promises from other friends that they would make sure things will get better, because they going to make it so. Those help me a lot, I’m not sure how everything hadn’t got to me before now. So tomorrow I’m going to start taking walks when I feel completely out of my head, and hang out with Jackie and apply for some jobs. If anyone knows of anything Art, Art History, or History related in NC let a girl know.

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Sylvia and Ted “interrupted in a spat,” Chalot Square, London, July 25, 1960 photographed by Hans Beacham for a portfolio of images of British writers

"They were sullen. Hughes was rude. He was going to get more attention than she, and she didn’t like that while he did. He invited me outside and told me I needed to know that he loathed photographers". Hughes particularly wanted to keep Plath out of the way. "His wish, of course, forced me to photograph them together", Beacham said; and later; Hughes acknowledged that he had been "an ogre."

—Diane Middlebrook, Her Husband: Hughes and Plath-a Marriage, 2003

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im so fucked up over the fact that some countries have free college

and free healthcare 

Kinda like their government acknowledges that those are rights not privileges

Especially right now because my healthcare is why I have to put my education on hold, the semester after I achieved Dean’s List.

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Title: Song for Zula (Phosphorescent cover) Artist: First Aid Kit 367 plays


Live at Berns Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, 06/18/2014

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